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Espresso Shots

just like uttam kumar: a short story

“again! do it again!” chanted the children. the old man shook his head in a slow sort of way and undid the plait he had made with his long white beard. he started riffling through the silvery strands with…

Spring Adventure - A fairytale walk
secrets of seattle

An Adventure in Spring

Once upon a time, on a beautiful morning, when the birds and bees were heralding the arrival of spring, I found myself alone; in a place, that was my home. It wasn’t long before I realised, I knew a…


have you seen the koh-i-noor?

again a clamour for its return starts. and now i am older, even if not wiser, and i must see it’s not as simple as it looks. or looked, when i was eight and nine and ten, even twelve…

Life A Poem
durga Poetry

Life – A poem

 Is the glass half full or is it half empty? From person to person, the answer will vary Just so is life and your life’s story Either it’s very sad or full of glory Moments are those that glorify…

road to singapore

a walk in little india

i wasn’t giddy with joy at the thought of walking in little india. long before i’d even stepped into singapore i’d heard of the wondrous mustafa of course. if you’re indian and you go to singapore, then you must…

The Dark Twisted Truth in Lord of the Flies

The Dark Twisted Truth in Lord of the Flies

Lord of The Flies, by William Golding, forces you to look around and question everything you thought true to human nature. Perhaps, you will not agree to what William Golding shows us. Probably, you will vehemently disagree, but, it…

The Lost Key Book Review

The Lost Key

Catherine Coulter’s, The Lost Key, started off full of promise. Though, it is the 2nd book in the series of A Brit in the FBI,  the writing makes it easy to follow. The story felt like a cross between Dan Brown meets…

Life indian government Lal Batti wife

Life of a ‘Lal Batti’s’ wife!

  I was 25 back in the day, when my parents, like any other Indian parents, were ready to get me married. So began the search for Mr. Right! And before we knew, enters ‘Our Hero’- young, dynamic, super…