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everyday is a lil life
Now Brewing

Everyday is a lil life!

Nowadays my heart has become like a mixed bag of emotions, one moment I am happy for no reason and the very next moment I get reminded of something sad & my heart starts to cry. I am not…

road to singapore

one-north and two places

the first time i went to cafe colbar and mentioned it to my boss, he said it had moved from its original location. colonial bar, which got shortened to colbar, was set up in 1953 at jalan hang jebat…

little girl poetry
durga Poetry

Little girl

Something in the giggles of a little girl Sends all worries into a twirl Something in her wonderful smile Soothes the tempers raging awhile Her colourful frills do the jig Swiveling around in the form of a fig Innocence…

Starting Online Magazine

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning..

P.G. Wodehouse would often say it’s damn difficult to know where to begin a story from. Go too far behind and your readers are twiddling their thumbs, bored by the old, irrelevant or repetitive information they already know, and love…

Espresso Shots


“what’s that smell?” ena said with a grimace and looked around. rosy paused in her tracks and sniffed. “where? what smell?” she said, not being able to detect any odour, good or bad. ena shook her head and looked around,…

Einstein say ghosts exist
Now Brewing

Did Einstein Say Ghosts Exist?

  Curiosity always pops out when we talk about the mystical powers of the universe. Speak about those cold vampires of Twilight Saga or those adorable witches of Harry Potter or the nerve-racking demon of The Omen, the unresolved…

road to singapore

a year later

bright blue skies, once in a way some darker clouds wafting by. a brilliant green padang. singapore river shimmering. talk of fiery speeches. this morning aj and i went to fullerton square, where mr lee quan yew used to…

indi Poetry

nor named

out there somewhere is a river not yet named a mountain slowly rising no eyes upon it still, no sense knows of its being a sand dune unseen simmering   deep in the green below under the swaying blue…